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With My Step-by-Step Blueprint To Accelerate Your Path to Success,

I Can Guarantee You Will Be a Successful Crypto Trader.

If you know me, you know I have mentored and taught thousands of successful Crypto Traders, all of which use my very successful strategies today.

My success speaks for itself, and my guarantee is to turn every member that joins into a 7-Figure Trader from Crypto.

With the high demand of aspiring traders, I am choosing to pick 10 exclusive members to mentor one-on-one. As fun as making money is, there is no better feeling than giving back and helping others.

This also helps me with building an international network of success-hungry individuals. From me to you, this is not another course that you buy and forget.

This is a lifetime commitment that you don’t want to miss, and I’ll be by your side through it entirely.

What is the Seven Figure Crypto Blueprint?

It is a Trading Strategy that combines Fundamental Research and Technical Analysis to identify high-performing coins with strong momentum and high return potential.

Over 5 Years Of Live Trading, Testing & Generating Huge Returns. Profits Surpassing $5,000,000 Since 2018.

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Due to high demand, we only accept traders based on a successful application.

I am not looking to make the most amount of sales; I am looking to work with aspiring traders who can show determination and commitment to earn 7-figures.

I will only select 10 applicants.

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Who is this for?


Perfect for beginners looking for a simplified strategy as they start their journey in the Crypto market.

Full-time Workers

Great for career-focused individuals looking for hands off strategies to take their portfolio to the 7-figure mark.


Experienced crypto traders looking for the most profitable and lucrative strategies.

What my traders say about me

What a life-changing experience! I absolutely love and am so grateful to be a part of this. I had my doubt in the beginning, but the gains speak for themselves. It is worth every penny! You will not be able to get this type of gain with peace of mind anywhere else. Shout out Alec and the whole Admin team for everything you guys do to make this possible!!

Josh Hoggins


Very professional and is doing a great job.

Chris Barai


The gains speak for themself. What I appreciate most is Alec’s drive and commitment to giving back. He is truly selfless and wants to see others succeed in whatever they choose to do in life. He aims to provide the financial means to allow others to chase their dreams.

Bryce Morison


This is the move for sure.Never leaving


Alec and Josh have something really special here.They have curated a beautiful opportunity for us to follow along with very little effort on our side. I am a huge fan of passive income and they have given me exactly that. If you can put up the cash flow and snag a spot I would recommend it 100% I have full trust in the with them.

Russel G


Alec and the admins are the best team out there. I don't know a better place on earth where I could place my funds. If that wasn't enough, they are the most helpful and kind human beings in the business world. I feel blessed to be with this team. If you aren't in this program you are missing out on major gains.

The Trade Doc


What You Will Learn

The 7 Figure Crypto Blueprint has been designed so that you can start learning while earning immediately through your 1-1 mentorship.

As your capital grows, you will get step-by-step modules, alongside my direct guidance, that allow you to gain advanced skills to sustain this growth.

The mentorship walks you through each module to ensure that you are able to capitalize on all the necessary tools and strategies to become a 7-figure trader.
24/7 Live Streaming Trading
Community of Like-Minded Individuals
24/7 Concierge Team
Live Buy/Sell Signals
Trade Recap Videos
Bi-Weekly Market Overview Sessions

Module 1: 0 - $50K

You will begin by learning simplified skills that allow you to start capitalizing early on.

Module 2: $50k - $100K

Once you have mastered the foundations and made your first $50k, you will move on to Module 2, where you learn advanced strategies to reach the next milestone of $100k.

Module 3: $100k - $250k

You will learn psychology skills and in-depth risk management tactics that allow you to manage a larger portfolio effectively.

Module 4: $250k - $1M+

This is the Master Strategy. This is the Holy Grail that I spent 5+ years developing, allowing you to reach the milestone of $1M.

Implementing my specific strategies and techniques will take you to the next level in a sustainable manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have much capital to trade with, is it still worth it for me?

The 7-Figure Crypto Blueprint is designed to accelerate your returns exponentially.

You can start with as little capital as you want, as the wins will stack up.

How much work will I have to put in?

We expect a minimum of at least 30 minutes - 1 hour a day from you.

As this is a 1-1 mentorship, we highly recommend for you to be committed to fast track your success.

How much does this mentorship cost?

The mentorship is a one-time fee of $3999USD.

Who is the mentor?

My name is Alec, I have been a successful Crypto trader, as well as mentor to hundreds of other aspiring traders for the past 5 years.

You can find me on instagram

Do you do any refunds?

No, there are no refunds.

Due to the time commitment I put in with each member, I do not offer refunds.

Can I use this on anything else other than crypto?

Yes! Absolutely.

You can use the methods and strategies explained in the mentorship to trade other asset classes.

Is any of this financial advice?

No, none of this is financial advice.

7 Figure Crypto Blueprint
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